Success is all about opportunities
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To use the Little things of Life to create WEALTH
We @mojasolutions is aware of  the abundant gifts of Nature. Unfortunately,  only very few enjoy these free gifts. We want everyone,  even those at the lowest echelon, to take advantage of  these opportunities. That is why we are out to use those little things of life to create wealth for humanity. Please join us.
Josh Amara 

Moja Services


Quality and Safety Services Gap Analysis Auditing

Quality & Safety Management Systems Training

QMS & SMS training in line with Nig CARs, ICAO Annexes, ISAPs Human Factor Training SMS training Audit Techniques

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The Power of Customer Testimonials
4 min read

Discover how customer testimonials can significantly impact the success of your business and build trust among potential customers.

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Cartoon Character Iron-On Patches
1 min read

Moja Solutions now have very beautiful ❤️ iron-on badges/patches that can be applied on denim jeans, t-shirts 👕, face caps🧢, school bags, etc with just an iron. An opportunity to start branding from the comfort of your room

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Good News for Fashion Designers, Shoe & Bag Makers
1 min read

Customized Cloth Labels and Tags for fashion designers, shoe, uphostery, bag makers

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Bringing Acrylic Cutting to your Desktop
1 min read

Acrylic Cutting at your desktop from Moja Solutions

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